Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Foleygate the Left Loves a Sex Fiend, Well, Most of the Time

I find people who use their power to take advantage of young people sexually to be across the board repulsive. On the conservative side of the isle, that's a pretty much unanimous view. Interestingly, that's pretty much the stated NOW position, too.

The rest of the Left is all for liberation of everything. Licentiousness. The line keeps getting pushed back. The out-of-bounds behavior reduced to "what two people decide to do is between them, tra la la la la." Age? Gender? Weirdness? Public place? Tax payer dollar? Sick? The response is always, "Conservatives are purient hypocrites. They would just love to throw us back to the Victorian era." Anyone who has a problem is homophobic or worse. Bob Parks says:

For years, many people knew Mark Foley had a “problem”. Many of the congressional pages knew that Foley was a potential predator. Some had even saved Instant Messenger conversations as their own soiled blue dress insurance policies. Yet, if the Republican leadership took action against Foley before ABC broke the story, would they be called heroes or homophobes?

And then we come to a close 2006 mid-term election.

A smarmy Republican writes (no screwing, no fondling, no tongue-kissing, no prostitution ring, no oral sex in the oval office--that we know of yet) lewd letters to an underage page. Good-bye Mr. Foley! Nice knowing you! Conservatives around the country don't hesitate to give him the boot even with the Congress in play and Mr. Foley exits stage Right mortified and humiliated (at least he has the sense to know when he's been wrong.)

One would think that the Democrats so eager to push the envelope would roll their eyes and let it go. I mean, this is small potatoes compared to semen, cigars, gay sex rings and power brokering to exuse all of the above.

Here is the deal: absolutely nothing is out of bounds when it comes to Democrats and power. All means, all methods are absolutely open and available to them because in their Machiavellian mindset they are the law and the only problem today is that they are not in power to be the law.

And here is how Democrats are like the Terrorists: they will use the morality and freedom against those who hold these things dear. They don't give a semen stain about Foley's actions, but they know decent-minded people do. The terrorists don't care a dull steak knife about torture and mayhem but they know that decent-minded people do.

While there is no question that Mark Foley needs to go home and get help, the Democrats don't believe that at all. He is perfectly fine. There is nothing wrong with him. Society is the one all hung up on sex and concerned with who is doing whom.

And now there is evidence that the Democrats knew about Foley's nefarious behavior almost a year ago and did nothing. Could it be that they know that they can't win on the merits? Could it be that they know that their positions on the Border, the War, Torture, Taxes, and every other issue would never win the American people?

The only way the Democrats win is this way: convince the American public that all politicians are scumbags. Convince the American public that the right are a bunch of hypocrites. Conservatives are just as immoral as Progressives--moreso because conservatives profess to believe these actions to be wrong but do them anyway. The Democrats are willing to exploit the notion that Americans, deep down, believe that homosexuality is wrong. This is why they believe outting every conservative they can is perfectly justified. It proves their position: "everyone is doing it."

This action from the Left makes me want to push a button: Republican down the line. Democrats have no concept of right or wrong. It's always about them. Always. They will even defile their own most cherished principles (if you you believe they actually have any) to win elections. Their whole action holds the American people in contempt.

I hope America sees through them.


Anonymous said...

Exactly...in their worldview, what is the big deal? Homo sex is ok, teenage experimentation is ok, youth liberation is desirable..it all comes down to a very arbitrary line drawn via the age of consent, variable by state. That's ALL this is about, or should be, and it's BS, at least in their world. Usually they think like adolescents themselves, and now they act inexplicably parental! What's up with that?

The D's just can't let any idealism they may have about sexual libaration get in the way of their craven cynicism. Me, I'm no parent, but I can identify and regard Foley as a deviant and a moron to boot. Maybe those two conditions go together.

Dr. Melissa said...

The Democrats undercut their moral high ground by sitting on this information. If they are so concerned for the "children" why not the hew and cry last November?