Tuesday, October 24, 2006

"Harold, Call Me!"--Updated

Funniest political ad. Ever. It's about time some life was breathed into this sad-sack genre.

Go over to Alabama Liberation Front for deconstruction. Via Instapundit.

Update: According to Ann Althouse--this ad is "shameful" and I'm racist for liking it. As of this writing, Althouse hasn't specified what part of the ad is "shameful". Lots of debate in the comments, though. Watch this ad again and tell me if you think the ad is racist.

The heavy-handed, somber-toned, scary fade-outs used in most political ads are almost satirical. They are so tired and boring, people invariably change the channel and roll their eyes. I don't think they change anyone's opinions. I'm not sure this ad will change anyone's mind, either.

Should politics be above using humor to make a point? Politics is a blood sport and has never been above much of anything, in my experience. I'd be outraged if the ad were racist, but I just don't see it.

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Anonymous said...

I think the ad has definite racial overtones. Unfortunately in 2006 there are some rural voters who will immediately be reviled at the prospect of any black man dating a white woman. In the not too distant past black men were hung for even looking at white women. This is a blatant appeal to that unfortunately racist past.