Thursday, October 19, 2006

Kim J. Comes Out to Play

Ace is reporting that North Korea has decided to forgo the second nuke practice afterall. Perhaps a tough-talkin' Chinaman was just the ticket. Ace rightly points out that without China's grain and fuel, North Korea dries up.

He also notes that lots of people have wanted two-party talks with the North Koreans. Carrots ala Albright were a tasty nuclear treat, weren't they? What, would Carrots ala Condoleeza Rice taste better? I think not. No, Whap Upside O' The Head Chinese style seems to be a far tastier and filling menu item these days. Let's hope that Kim J. Illin' stays full for a while.

I have marvelled all along that the Chinese were so blase about a nutjob on their border. I have felt that North Korea and Iran's carazzeeeeeness has suited the Chinese to a certain point, keeping America on the defensive. But man, does China really enjoy a fluffy-headed fruitcake playing with nukes like they are tinker toys in their own backyard? Just imagine Mexico, or worse, Candada blowing up mountains for fun just North of North Dakota or Minnesota or, worse, gasp! Washington.

Like the old saying goes "play with vipers, expect to get bit." A brood of vipers, indeed.

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