Wednesday, October 18, 2006

A Little Electoral Depression to Darken Your Mood

We're past hump day. Okay, there's your bit of optimism for the day.

Meanwhile, John Hawkins writes about the 20 or so pick-ups by Democrats that everyone is predicting. Ugh.

Why are Bush and Rove so cheerful, then? And yet, McCain is suicidal. Interesting, that. McCain won't get to play "Maverick" anymore, if the Dems win. He'll just be an average Democrat in Republican's clothing.

My husband said,"When is the election alread? I'm so sick of this." I concur.

Part of the fatigue is all the "October suprises". It's a prescription for making an already apathetic voter completely cynical. Let's see fake Bush documents. Titillating IM's from a dirty old gay man to an of-age Page. Blech! Don't the ruling political class have better things to do with their time?

No, they don't. On the positive side, while they're buys chewing each other up and spitting each other out, they can't pass stupid legislation. I'm all for government inaction. When they act, it's almost always stupid.

Call me cynical.....

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