Thursday, October 05, 2006

New Guest Bloggers

I wish to warmly welcome two guest bloggers who will keep the place hummin' while I'm gone. They are awesome people with great blogs of their own.

Maxed Out Mama the incognito Georgia economist in banking and a specialist in real estate will be gracing you with her very prominent presence. She has an interesting background that some of my readers might like knowing about--she is a survivor of traumatic brain injury. Amazing. There are at least three of my regular readers who have experienced the same. Mama has tremendous insight and lots to share.

Gina Cobb is a lawyer and mom from California who is just coming up on her first year in blogging (just a tad less than me). Her focus is politics and world events. She has funny takes and interesting links. She will help expand your blog-horizons.

I am profoundly grateful to these women for a couple of reasons. 1) They are helping me in my time of need 2) They are helping me even though we have never met face to face and 3) They give me hope.

Why do they give me hope? Do you ever wonder, as the world goes mad, if you're the only one who believes certain values and holds important ideals dear? Maybe you're not as narcissistic as me (in fact, that's probably a given), but I wonder. And then I read their blogs and other people like them and know that I'm not completely, ideologically alone. (I do have one quibble with Mama. She believes the flu epidemic is going to come home to roost *cough*--couldn't help myself--here soon. I'm not so sure.)

Anyway, please enjoy. I'll be cruisin' the Carribean, so pray that were safe from pirates, rogue waves or a last minute hurricane. Hey! Ya never know.

Back on the 15th.


Sharon said...

Have a great time on your trip! While you're Cruisin' the Sea, we'll be Duckin' it in the Dells. :)

Anonymous said...

Welcome Gina and Mama to Melissa's blog. Nice to have you visiting and certainly very nice for helping out!