Friday, October 27, 2006

Now, In Contrast to the Dixie Chicks....

We have Beccy Cole who sings in honor of Australia's diggers and the fighting men in uniform courtesy Black Five via Gaius via Siggy. Amazing! Please, please go listen to her song. It made me cry.

Where are the artists? Where is the gratitude for those fighting for the rights we enjoy. The true idealists wear uniforms. The poseurs mock the President. Gaius says:

Getting a rash from the endless screeching coming from the Dixie Chicks? Exhausted by their endless whining about being silenced? Which they deliver on television, in a new movie and in endless cover stories in magazines? Ready to puke at the stupidity of people who cannot understand the difference between free speech and the consequences of their own actions in alienating the people who they expect to buy their product?


Matthew said...

"The true idealists wear uniforms?" Really? Are we still claiming that the invasion of Iraq had something to do with protecting our rights? I am all for staying in Iraq now, based on the You Break It, You Buy It theory, but claiming that the US is fighting to "protect the rights we enjoy?" Next up, lets say that the invasion of Iraq is just like D Day. Ridiculous.

I am glad that you like this lady's music though. Personally, I haven't heard much from the Dixie Chicks.

Matthew said...

well, I listened to her Poster Girl song. She has a nice voice. Her message is nice too, from a political standpoint it is just as simplistic as the Dixie Chicks.

Here's hoping the Iraqis can begin to take care of themselves sooner rather than later, so American, Australian, Polish and all other foreign soldiers can leave that place, soon.

Anonymous said...

yes, but there's something that is way more palatable about a person displaying a love of country in a time of war as opposed to persons insulting the leader of the free world, THE leader of THEIR country, OVERSEAS, in a time of war. c

Dr. Melissa said...


Please note that I did not say anything about Iraq. But I do believe that one must be idealistic to don a uniform and fight for...ideals like freedom and justice.

Now, you may argue that the Iraq war wasn't about that at all, but for many people fighting there it was/is that and more.

And I am not saying all soldiers are idealists. I'm sure some of them signing up and re-upping are doing it for cynical reasons. The vast majority, I would wager believe in their mission.

That, in my book, is idealism.

Anonymous said...

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