Sunday, October 15, 2006

The Power of A Firm Mattress and Water Pressure's good to be home.

The blog has been in fantastic hands--the visit counter hasn't wobbled more than a little--and I have vacationed in the Caribbean for a week. A couple thoughts:

  1. Why don't I take more vacations? I need them. Not for the physical rejuvination, because frankly, I think I'd be more relaxed if I had hiked the Himalayas. No, I need mental vacations. Forced changes of scenery restore the soul. It's like I'm rebooted.
  2. Why am I obsessive about this blogging business? A week and 1/2 out of commission and I must tell you, my reaction to Kim J. exploding things, Buffalo's snow-in and Foley's (yawn) personal proclivities was to settle deeper into my chair (watching Disney shows), bed (rocking to sleep) or table (gorging myself on some sort of exotic food). It's fun being completely apathetic.
  3. Why don't I read more? The Internet has consumed my extra time (at the end of the day, after the kids get in bed). But I'm missing out on some good reading. For example, I got 1/2 way through the book Running with Scissors by Augusten Burroughs, which I must say does not live up to the funny David Sedaris expectation I had, was more sad, not very well-written (but who am I? I just started a sentance with "But", and this sentence is a complete run-on to boot, there are misspellings scattered for everyone's enjoyment, so there!) and just plain disturbing. Let's see: sexual abuse at thirteen equals "first boyfriend" (33 years old). No father. Psycho mother. Born gay. Very important, that last part. Gay since forever. I know we're talking chicken-egg stuff here, but it is a tough sell that his environment had zip to do with his sexual development. Digressing. I'm digressing. I should read more--just not books like this clap-trap. I ordered seven books from Amazon pre-cruise, and because I'm a complete tight-wad, did not pay extra to actually receive the books in a timely manner and so had to read a book about a psycho family. Hello!? That's what vacations with families reinforce. Why read about it? Again, I digress. So, why don't I read more? I'll be reading more. I need perspective. I need balance. I need to save my eyeballs from certain blindness because they are glued to a computer monitor.
Yet, for all that, it is great to be back. It's great to enjoy the comforts of home (more comfortable than a cruise, if you can imagine that). It's great to come back to a community of people smarter than me. Like Gina Cobb and Maxed Out Mama, for example. Two very generous ladies, smart and, I imagine, very beautiful (I've never seen or met them). I expect that their beauty matches their brains.

I'll write more about the Disney Cruise and other stuff tomorrow. Now, I'm going to get the sleep I didn't get while vacationing.

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Chalmers said...

Welcome home.

It worries me to say this, but after the trip Amanda and I had back from Tennessee, we were very happy to cross the border back into Texas.

I have always said, "The best thing to happen to East Texas is Louisiana." What an incredible dump that place is!