Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Sudan: The Conflict is Almost Over

Sudan: 200,000 dead. 2.5 million displaced. Sudan is a mess and the powers that be are serious this time: stop or else! Once the Christians are dead, the conflict will end. The cause of the conflict is their existence.

Bush spoke to reporters after meeting with Andrew Natsios, the United States' special envoy to Sudan. Bush said Natsios delivered a "grim report about the human condition" in Darfur after a 10-day trip to the area.

"The government of Sudan must understand that we're serious, when you deliver a message to them on behalf of our government, that we're earnest and serious about their necessity to step up and work with the international community," the president said.

The U.N. is such a nice cover for all moral timidity. Does Bush lack the will to put a dog in this fight? Is he afraid of being accused of making a war against Muslims? Or, is he just okay with genocide as long as it's Christians dying?

Honestly, I don't get it. This has to stop.

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Anonymous said...

Uh, no. Kerry doesn't speak for Democrats as a whole. And you'll be interested to know that Democrats have a better voting record regarding veterans' issues than Republicans, too. Right-wingers should stop with the straw men, or we'll have to mention Wes Clark and John Murtha.