Tuesday, October 31, 2006

"When did they start selling empowerment as whore?"

Didn't you know, ladies, that's what a liberated woman is these days? A two-bit ho and proud of it!

My husband brought up this very issue. I studiously ignored him. He said, "You know, my patients are saying that Halloween is the day that a girl can dress up like a tramp and get away with it." I rolled my eyes. I know. I had been to Target.

Then, to emphasize the point, on the news that night a bunch of grown single women went shopping for the sluttiest outfits ever and proclaimed, "It's the only day we can do this! It's so much fun, ya know?!" Giggle. Giggle. Actually, ladies, you could dress this way full time and probably make a lot more money for your trouble.

It is bad enough for women to do this...now we have pole-dancing kits for youngsters. You've read about it, which is why I haven't posted about it. Still, please tell me how this toy builds society? Hmmmmm....

MaxedOutMama says that sometimes women are ridiculous. One small step for slut-kind, one giant leap back for women.

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Anonymous said...

Almost makes you wish for the coming Islamic Republic, just to give these femmie-hos their comeuppance ("With small stones, so that they die slowly." -- Ayatollah Khomeini)

FGM + Honor Killings = Virgin Brides who Will Stay Faithful

Dr. Melissa said...

I'm not sure if you're being sarcastic or not, Anon 4:26. Surely, somewhere between prostitute and burqa there's a balance, no?

kman said...

The "almost" gives anon away.

This has been brewing for a while... ever since girl power changed to mean flashing your breasts to get your way.

Reminds me of last month at WalMart they had the Slutz.. I mean Bratz baby dolls on the clearance isle. I almost vommited it disgusted me so much. This was my first encounter with them and they are baby dolls (cute baby chunkiness, big eyes, etc) about 18" tall. The Bratz connection is that they look like the Bratz characters and they are scantily clothed with bare midrifs .. they are supposed to look sexy. Totally disgusting.

cassandra said...

The girls act like they're just playing but I think there is a deeper half-formed wish to sell out, which MUST be quashed by Mom. I mean, think about it, when you know that dirty old men lust after you, and NOW is the time they want you the most, how easy would it be just to give in, get $$$ and stuff from them NOW *when you can still enjoy it* instead of waiting until you're old, like 23 or something?

I was 14 or so when the movie Lolita came out, and I immediately wanted to see it but didn't until I was older. But I got the message anyway. It was all downhill after that.

Anonymous said...

On the South Park episode "Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset" (better known as "The Paris Hilton Episode"), they had Bratz dolls under the name "Skankz".

And then there is the Bratz spinoff "Petz". I saw one in the charity auction pile at AnthroCon last year: A vixen, bejewelled and blinged and made up just like a Bratz, posed in the forequarters-low, hindquarters-high, tail-up quadruped mounting position. My initial comment was "That is THE SKANKIEST vixen I have ever seen."

Anon 4:26

Dr. Melissa said...

My daughter has a couple Barbies (I finally relented) and rarely plays with them. Bratz are forbidden in this home. She has never even asked. What a horrible toy! Do we want our girls to be pouty, bratty, vacuum-headed whores? Did the women's movement fight for this?

Anonymous said...

My dauther has seen the Bratz at other childrens homes and she knows that would NEVER go over here. She never asked either. What happend to sweet Teddy Bears or playing Tea?

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