Saturday, November 11, 2006

Abortion Politics Republican Style

Right after the election I wrote this in my post titled "The Average American":

Abortion: While many people are against abortion in principle, they are for it in reality. Too many women have had abortions and defend their choice. Too many men wanted a woman to have and abortion and she did, or wished she'd had one and she didn't. Either way, abortion will never be illegal nation-wide in America ever again. Even if the SCOTUS turns over Roe, it will go to the states and the states will vote and support it.
I still believe this a few days and some sleep later. Abortion cannot be the foundation of the Republican party--at least not framed that way. The theme must be bigger: "A culture of life where every individual, even the weakest have value." But even still, too many people have had abortions and that changes the electorates view of Republicans if that is the "litmus test". Hearts and minds must be won to choosing life and that is the role of the Church not a political party.

Remember the Anchoress' spanking? Yes, well, in that post she linked to a fantastic editorial at The New York Sun written by Alicia Colon. You absolutely MUST read it all. She says this:

If President Clinton had done everything Mr. Bush has done since he's been in office, he would be hailed as a hero and given credit for the booming economy, the low unemployment, and overseeing our nation's security and the liberation of two countries. But Mr. Bush is an evangelical Christian, and while this is the greatest country in the world and we are a good people, I very much doubt that we have a moral majority.

Would a moral country have reelected so many times Senator Kennedy, who left Mary Jo Kopechne to drown in Chappaquiddick while he sought a cover story before reporting the accident? I don't think so. A former Klansman, Senator Byrd, was just re-elected in West Virginia and is free to use the "n" word on network television because he puts the word "white" in front of it. Look at our culture, which revels in the profane and the licentious, and then you'll understand why a political party that adopts an overtly religious fa├žade will be targeted so viciously by the hedonists who rule our society.

I very much doubt we have a "moral majority", either. The moral way is not the easy way and when push comes to shove, don't most of us want and take the easy way? She continues:

I happen to hold the same values as our president, but perhaps I am a little more cynical in that I don't believe many of those on the religious right should have had so much influence on the political scene. As much as I am anti-abortion, I also realize that many Americans do not have the strength of character to recognize the humanity of the unborn when it is inconvenient. Demanding litmus tests of potential candidates is self-defeating, and may explain why Republicans come up with so many weak performers on the campaign trail. This is not to suggest that the GOP recruit more moderates. The fact is that Republican moderates are simply liberal Democrats who don't want their taxes raised.

I'm saying that until we work at changing the hearts and minds of people by helping the women in crisis pregnancies ourselves, expending so much energy on effecting legislative change is a waste of valuable time. The most dangerous place for a child in America is indeed in its mother's womb, but most people don't care.

Also, most Americans don't want politicians to tell them how to live their lives. They have their rabbis, priests, and ministers to help guide them. Republicans need to get back to the core principles of their party. Buy Michael Zak's book "Back to Basics for the Republican Party" for a clue on how to start. Most blacks today have no idea about the racist origins of the Democratic Party, and that's our fault for ignoring this community. The GOP is up against the most powerful ally of the Democrats — liberal journalists who engineered this coup to get their left-wingers, Marxists, and socialists back in power. Their influence will wane when the public stops supporting them.

That's why I think a Rudy Guiliani should be given a chance. A President can influence morality (look at the upsurge in 12 year olds versed in giving "hummers" thanks to President Clinton's popularization of "Lewinskis") but he can't influence the Supreme Court--other than judicial nominees. But even still, as I said before, even if Roe is overturned, states will uphold abortion rights. They just will. Or most will. Enough will to keep getting American women abortions "on demand".

Republicans can embrace the "culture of life" ideal, while remembering that the populace is driven by self-interest. Alexander Hamilton knew this when he constituted the financial system of the United States. He said this about the kind of woman he wanted:
Such a wife as I want... must be young, handsome I lay most stress upon a good shape, sensible a little learning will do, well-bread, chaste, and tender. As to religion, a moderate stock will satisfy me. She must believe in God and hate a saint.
Americans in general hate to be preached at. They distrust holy rollers. They go to church for that sort of thing and Christians, especially, know about hypocrites--they just believe God is a bigger solution than man. And like Ms. Colon says, "if we were a moral country....". If, indeed. We're not.

Republicans need to accept this fact. I'm not saying that an Evangelicals should abandon their principles. I'm just saying that we need to leave the preaching in church.

Big ideals, soaring rhetoric Peggy Noonan style coupled with hard-nosed, small-government, low taxes, no more entitlements, and outta-my-business legislation needs to be the Republican focus.

We don't need McCain with his big-government legislation. We don't need more condescending, ignore-the-voter Republicans. That is what we have Democrats for. Republicans need to listen to the people and remember where they come from. Republicans need to accept the fact that none of them will get positive press unless they are closet Democrats ala McCain.

Screw it! The biggest sin in the world is trying to be everything to everyone. Keep it simple. Keep it honest. Keep in mind what people really want.

From the very beginning, twelve years ago, the Republicans have fumbled in the end-zone more times than I can count. They have never been a comfortable leading party--except acting like fat cats. They could take a lesson from Democrats in putting the screws to the opposition. But look what Republicans do to hard-nosed politicians like Tom DeLay: they sell them out. What a bunch of wussies. Squeamish wielding power. Contemptuous. Just like terrorists, the opposition sees that soft underbelly and sharpens the knife.

Republicans need to grow up and respect their voters more, and respect Democrats more. The Democrats are worthy foes. They are political foes. They are not political friends. They are as ideologically different as east is from west--at least that's what I used to believe. But the Republicans acted a whole lot like Democrats these last six years.

Their luke -warmness made the voters sick and they spit them out. Would that the Republicans would be either hot or cold. Let's hope they learn the lesson of this election. "Abortion" is exhibit "A" and just the beginning of the lessons they need to learn.


Anonymous said...

Just a note: your title has "abortion" spelled wrong.

Gina Cobb said...

Excellent and fresh thinking here. Worth bookmarking and reading again, and I think I will!

Dr. Melissa said...


Ooops! Thanks for the note. I hate it when I do that.

Carl said...

I am Pro- Life, but I also admit that we cannot have it all and we all make mistakes. Yet Republican arrogance tends to alienate potential voters who have made mistakes. We need to change hearts and minds, not just by setting an example (which can be just superficial, as evidenced by many in the Christian right), but by admitting out mistakes and listening to people and not judging others.

Republicans need to fix these problems:
• Lose the arrogance.
• Image is not everything, in fact it should be number 3 or less
• Stand up for the Truth
• Admit to not always being right
• Admit that you cannot have it all.

Carl Strohmeyer

Anonymous said...

How do you embrace a culture of life while dropping bombs on people in other parts of the world? How can you be for the unborn when you kill those who are already here? Why is sex immoral but killing not?

But I do agree with you on one point: it is an immoral nation that keeps sending immoral politicians back to power with each election, democrat and republican.

When so-called Christians and the politicians they support finally get rid of the hypocrisy of their self-righteous behavior and embrace all of life and live the teachings of Christ (remember the one where he said to love your enemies?), then there will be no condemnation from the unbelievers. They see the hypocrisy and then find nothing but contempt for Christ becuase of those who say they are his followers and do not live the sermon on the mount.

Dr. Melissa said...


Am I to understand unbelievers are not hypocritical--because they have no standards to uphold then they cannot be considered hypocrites? Most people who hold perfect ideals are weak and make mistakes. That doesn't make them hypocrites, that makes them human.

Hypocrites are those who don't believe in a certain ideal, proclaim that they do to purposefully deceive others, and then violate it for convenience. Hypocrites are not bound by political party or creed. Talk about self-righteous! Are we to assume that only those not Democrat are capable of this behavior?

Finally, for those who don't believe the Bible, don't claim Jesus and then interpret the Sermon on the Mount for the believer is very amusing. I won't get into the religious fallacies of this mush-headed position so often trotted out by non-believers.

What I see is a non-Christian who is very angry at anyone interested in upholding any standard. What I see is a person who believes peace is a product of wishful thinking.

For those on the other side claiming "turn the other cheek", would this be your recommendation to an abused wife? a rape or molestation victim? Should she just take it and trust God to intervene?

The culture of life, that we in the United States hold dear won't exist because we wish it. It must be defended and protected. Just like a rapist should be locked up, just like a murderer faces death-row, a terrorist must know that his opposition isn't afraid to die or kill to preserve his culture. Because a terrorist most certainly is willing to do that for his.

I've said this before: the real question is this--Who will submit?

I hope it won't be us because I love being a free American, but comments like yours make me wonder if most Americans love it enough to fight for it.