Sunday, November 12, 2006

Baby Massage Good For Sleep

Research like this follows research years ago for preemie babies that demonstrated massages benefits. Massaged babies put on more weight, ate better, slept better and were generally less stressed.

This article concludes like this: "Meanwhile, if you're interested in massage for your baby, talk to your doctor."

I'll save ya the $125 office visit fee and give you a short course in Baby Massage. Here goes:

  1. Use a natural oil like olive oil or sweet almond oil (my personal favorite) scented with essential oils. I have a favorite product, but there are many great ones out there. Email me if you want to know more. Do NOT use mineral oil or a mineral oil based product as it leeches minerals and nutrients from the baby. Don't use it on yourself, either.
  2. After a bath is the perfect time for baby massage. Put a towel on your bed, lay the baby face up so s/he can see your face. Keep the baby warm by covering areas not being massaged. Turn down the lights.
  3. Pour the massage oil in your hand and rub it together to warm it up. Then firmly and gently start with the feet and rub up toward the heart. Do this from the arms. Turn baby over and repeat. I even rub my kids' heads and faces. They love it.
  4. Keep the pace slow and steady. Too rushed and the baby feels more nervous. Too slow and the baby gets irritated and associates being stuck without moving with a massage. This needs to be a happy experience.
  5. If the baby is colicky, gently rub the tummy. Sometimes you can expel gas that way when you flex the baby at the hips. This indicates that something going in the baby does not agree with the baby.
I have given all my kids massages starting at birth. They still love it. If your kid is older and shrugs off hugs and is getting more independent, it is highly unlikely that he or she will shun a back massage or foot massage or hand massage. Massage can be a fantastic way to put love deposits in a kid's relationship bank.

If you have more questions, email. It's pretty simple really. Who doesn't like a massage?

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Anonymous said...

This post is very nice! I agree with you, massage is a wonderful gift to give to children. Mine love it too!