Friday, November 10, 2006

Beware of Tylenol

Tylenol recalling 11 million bottles of Acetomenophen. Health-conscious people shouldn't be taking this anyway. It's destructive to the liver and kidneys.

All pain meds mask the symptoms. The underlying health problem is still there.


carol said...

Well I know you shouldn't take Tylenol and drink. I saw someone pop 4 of them before starting a night on the town, and I said whoa you shouldn't be doing that and told them why but they just blew me off like some old health ninny.

But is it really that bad in low doses and when you're not drinking??

Doctor said...

Yes. It really is that bad. Tylenol is the #1 cause of liver failure (not alcohol, not drugs).

Anonymous said...

I use Junior strenth Tylenol for my kids all the time when they have headaches or major pains of sorts.

Hmmm, what to do now?

Dr. Melissa said...

For headaches assume these things:
1) Dehydration--give them water
2) Low blood sugar--give them some protein and fruit
3) On-coming virus--give them water, take temp, get them into bed, give Vi tamin C and Zinc to try and stop it before it starts
4) Food allergy--rare, but if recurring headaches must be considered
5) Fatigue--get them sleep
6) Emotional upset--kids don't get headaches or stomachaches for no reason they are either sick or they have something they're worried about and can't verbalize. Find a quiet place and listen.

Children shouldn't have major pains. Even student athletes should not be suffering any pain. If they do, there is something wrong. Injuries must be dealt with, not masked. Illnesses must be healed not masked.

Tylenol and all pain medications should be used exceedingly rarely by adults or children. They just aren't good for you.

Anonymous said...

I am lucky...or something. When i was pregnant with my last child, the nurses in the doctors office were so bossy and unpleasant...'you WILL take tylenol instead of aspirin while you are pregnant!' (oh no i won't) Do you think the hormonal changes in pregnant women make them more obstinant than usual? I NEVER used it, Never allowed my kids to use it.... So my attitude is, if the AMA approves something or gives it a stamp of approval.....i'm running in the opposite direction. c

Anonymous said...

Correction: I use junior strenth Motrin. But I guess that's not any better.