Saturday, November 04, 2006

Chiropractic Helps Addiction Recovery

Chiropractors have known anecdotally that chiropractic adjustments help people recover from addiction when coupled with addiction treatment recovery programs. Why would this work? This new very nicely designed study doesn't answer that question (of course we still don't know why aspirin works so well, either, so there you go) but does show that addicts in recovery programs stick to the programs and stay clean with chiropractic. Here's the theory:

But what does the spine have to do with addiction? The connection may be explained by the presence, or absence, of brain chemicals that make us feel good. When the spinal chord and its nerves are in proper order, chemicals known as neurotransmitters are released in a specific sequence, like falling dominoes. The result: A state of well-being. However, subluxations or misalignments of the spine can cause pressure and tension on surrounding tissue, interrupting this feel-good sequence.
Anyone who has gone to a chiropractor knows that after treatment, you definitely feel better than before. It is amazing how people feel emotionally different when they walk out walking tall. If you have battled addiction or even depression and anxiety, chiropractic is a nice concommonant treatment to help conventional treatment work more effectively.


Dr. Davis said...

I have experienced favorable outcomes with patients dealing with addictions. Yes, I agree, we really know very little about why some things work. However, since we are not putting anything into the body, or taking anything out of the body chiropractic is very safe. The nervous system just functions better without pressure. A nervous system that is more in balance creates a healthier internal context, which will support a healthier lifestyle and better choices.

firstmt_006 said...

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ROOPA said...

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A White Bear said...

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