Monday, November 20, 2006

Cruisin' the HIGH Seas

Besides the mid-sixty, rainy, dank, damp weather, besides the twenty foot swells, besides the cross ship winds rocking the ship from side to side, besides the smoke smell pervading the entire craft, the cruise has thus far been enjoyable. I had been feeling poorly when I got on the ship, my husband was feeling perky and hopeful. Let's just say that he didn't want me to feel left out.

At least the on-ship papparazi can't going into your postage stamp-size state room to take pictures is all I have to say.

Good grief! I'm green. Key West has never looked so good and can't come soon enough. I know, I'm on the second cruise of my life in the last two months, and I'm complaining. That should be a no-no. Alas, I complain. It's what I do. (It's genetic.)

Food sampled thus far: apple, tomato soup, lemonade, scone, crackers, frosted flakes. Bland, bland and more bland.

I just know this is going to get better. It's not fair feeling this bad and no alcohol whatsoever is involved.


Gina Cobb said...

Wow. I hope the ocean settles down for you.

But you found an internet connection! You are a trailblazer -- blogging from the high seas in a storm.

Dr. Melissa said...

we arew doing great on the home front. A did fabulous job today. s is napping. hope the weather settles down so you can get into the sun. love from the gang