Thursday, November 30, 2006

Culture of Disgustion--UPDATED Scroll Down for Vaginas!

Another UPDATE: I have gone over and read Alabama Liberation Front before. I'm adding him to my Blog Roll. His analysis is excellent. He strikes me as a guy like me! Christian, but a little underwhelmed with this kind of thing:

Britney, despite her increasingly skanky behavior, is still rather nice to look at. I am, as I have often averred, a holy-roller in my deepest beliefs, but I think some people get a bit legalistic -- yea, verily, some of our brethren in Christ tend toward being prudes and killjoys.
Anyway, I too, noticed a dirth of coverage, shall we say, about Britney's lack of coverage in the Rightosphere. But, these latest developments in Britney's world are significant. She represents more than one trend worthwhile to examine and ALF notes this, too:
But, as I said, when a star of Britney's magnitude -- and she was, just a few years ago, the most popular singer on the planet -- feels the need to do what she's been doing lately, one must realize that there is a profound significance:
Britney's decision to go with the Yul Brenner treatment, I believe, shows the triumph of the pornographic ethos in American pop culture. ...
In the porn culture, sex is not an act experienced for its own sake -- either for physical pleasure, or as an expression of emotional feeling -- but rather is a theatrical production aimed at producing an effect on the audience. ... This is the commodification of sexuality, which goes back to the very meaning of "pornography," and the Greek word for "prostitute."
Something is horribly, disastrously wrong with a society whose most wealthy, famous, beautiful and popular young women:
  • Cannot seem to maintain a stable romantic relationship for more than a few months;
  • Feel compelled to obtain plastic surgery;
  • Frequently engage in substance abuse or exhibit symptoms of mental illness; and
  • Have the poor taste to exhibit themselves naked, or nearly so.

So, I go over and read Alabama Liberation Front, he's interesting and incisive. I'll post more on Britney if you will, Ali-Bubba.
Do you keep up on the comings and goings of Paris and Lindsey and her (freaky) mom Dina and Ashlee and Jessica and their (freaky) dad and now Britney? If you don't, and I really hope you don't, there has been a new way to get press. It's better than rehab! It's better than botox! It's better than dumping a money-grubbing no-talent hanger-on hubby!

What is it? The best P.R. practice is baring one's bare nether-regions. Four times in the last few months Lindsey Lohan has been caught sans panties earning herself the nickname Fire Crotch. Four times in the last week(warning!!! not suitable for work or anywhere, but in the interest of fair linking, ugh!), Britney Spears has followed suit. It should be noted that her last child was delivered by Caesarean.

What is going on with these young ladies? Is this just the new millenium version of burning a bra?

This development repulses and dismays. It's right up there with the liberal use of the "N" word in the rapper world. Purposefully exposing oneself over and over and having it blasted all over the world seems like a major self-esteem problem. Either these girls believe that they are so exposed it doesn't matter (Britney, doesn't this matter to your mother? Or at least your divorce attorney?) or they believe they can't be exposed enough. I'd like to assure them all that there is such a thing as bad press. Or at least very disgusting press.

Ace has more.

UPDATE: Maxed Out Mama has had it with the vagina fetish. Maybe this is what's going on with Britney and Lindsey--maybe they're just exposing their brains as Eve Ensler would assert.

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Antoinette said...

WEll when you have no talent you have to get attention somehow. Seriously I own over 20 Ella Fitzgerald CDs. Can you imagine anyone 60 years from now amassing a Brittney collection? Or 6 years from now? All these girls have to attract attention is vulgarity, like their hero Madonna. They will grow old and very miserable, I know I should feel sorry for them, but I don't.