Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Dixie Chicks Discuss Iran (SATIRE)

Natalie: Did you hear that Iran is going nuclear?

Blond-haired sister: Yeah, how cool is that?

Natalie and Brown-haired sister: Totally cool.

Natalie: I am so sick of the U.S. and that effin' Bush trying to bully everybody! That is so, like, UNFAIR.

Brown-haired sister: Totally...

Natalie: I remember when I was in fourth grade and these kids bullied me cause I had a short ne... oh never mind. Anyway, I hated being the small one. Everyone always picks on the small one. I'm glad Iran is sticking up for itself.

Brown-haired sister: Totally, totally...

Blond-haired sister: What do you think about Iran giving arms to Hezbollah and maybe like killing innocent people?

Brown-haired sister: Whatever!!!!!

Natalie: Yeah, like defending yourself is bad or something. I mean Iran is all about self-determination. Shouldn't countries be free to be what they want? Is it fair that America and Israel get nuclear bombs but somehow Iran isn't worthy?

Brown-haired sister: Yeah, what's up with that?

Blond-haired sister: Yeah, I guess you're right. What about that actress who's getting flogged and lost her job for having sex? And the gay people who get hanged? What about how women are treated?

Natalie: Have you been reading blogs again Blondie? It'll mess with you're head. Ya gotta stop. Or, at least read the right , I mean left blogs (all the girls giggle). And that actress was a total slut anyway. I mean, she should know that in her culture it's wrong to be ho-ing around. What was she thinkin'? Plus, I think the Kos guy was right...their social advances are great and all that stuff is way overstated.

Brown-haired sister: Totally...

Blond-haired sister: So, you don't think that President Abinibawhatever means what he says, you know about wiping Israel off the map?

Natalie: So what if he is? Israel likes to fight, so Iran will give 'em one. Nothing new in the Middle East, fer shur. America needs to butt out and mind it's own damn business and help the poor people and get socialized medicine going and raise taxes to pay off some debt and get silicone implants recalled--OK, maybe not that....

Sisters: Totally!!!!!!

H/T Dr. Sanity

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Dixie Chicks are a waste of time!