Saturday, November 11, 2006

Duke Lacrosse Case--Betsy: More Questions

This case has more holes than K-Fed's underwear and yet, newly re-elected Mike Nifong keeps running it like a bad case of diarrhea. The case stinks.

I have continued to bring attention to the case not because I have excessive trust in college jocks or excessive distrust in strippers, but because the facts in the case are so completely obvious, and more keep being revealed, that exonerate these guys. Rape is a serious charge. The fact that sexual abuse and violence is a regular American occurrence is absolutely shameful. Because of cases like this where complete fabrications are viewed as fact and then a vengeful community insists on ignoring the evidence, legitimate crimes will get under-reported and future cases will not be taken seriously.

Betsy Newmark wonders how the accuser can get on the witness stand:

I don't know how this woman ever imagines that she can get on the witness stand and answer all the questions about her story. Every week seems to bring out a new contradiction to her storyline. Now, in addition to evidence from witnesses that she was doing a stripdance at a club at exactly the same time she was trying to convince doctors that she was in excrutiating pain, comes a witness saying that the accuser had a habit of passing out drunk at the club and having to be dragged outside. And she was dragged outside a couple of days before the alleged incident with the lacrosse players and that could have caused the bruises and scratches she had on her legs.
You know, I don't think the accuser will have any problem getting on the witness stand. Liars lie. That's what they do.

My concern, because by all accounts this mess will go forward, is the "jury of their peers". Can these guys get a fair trial? In my opinion, even going forward with a trial is unfair. If a man clearly guilty of a crime can get off because of money, power and race (O.J. Simpson, Michael Jackson), can men be convicted of a crime they didn't commit because of money, power and race? Yes, they can. It wasn't so long ago that public lynches were de rigeur.

KC Johnson has more. Read about the weird political happenings "Steve the Spoiler". Read about the utterly stupid Duke "Gang of 88" who publicly castigated and condemned the Lacrosse team before any evidence came out. I said it before, I would not allow my kids go anywhere near that college. Hmmm, I wonder how Duke enrollment is going?

Over at Liestoppers, the post title " Two Rich White Boys ... Who Bought Justice with Their Lives" caught my attention. Read it.

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