Saturday, November 11, 2006

Fix Voter Fraud NOW!

Gina Cobb explains why you need to call your Senator and get this law passed today. After reading her post, I really wonder who it is, actually, that is stealing elections.


Anonymous said...

Just finsihed e-mailing the Senator.

Anonymous said...

Off the topic here:

I've been scanning some other blogs that Gina Cobb has on her blog roll and I am really glad that you keep yours clean and simple!!! Some are soooooo busy with way, way, way too much information that it is almost impossible to make sense out of it all. Also, they use us the entire screen up and it is very difficult for the eyes to take it all in.

Gina Cobb said...

Hmmmmm. I shall have to take a look at my blogroll (and my own blog) from this perspective. Thanks for your feedback, anonymous!

Gina Cobb