Monday, November 13, 2006

How the Other Side Thinks

Dr. Santy has a great post today. She put on her body armor and went over to visit the Kos kids. I hope she didn't catch something. Here's her point about the Left's lionization of Iran (yes, Iran):

That fact that their president is the actual intellectual heir of Adolf Hitler is irrelevant; the fact that Iran IS a actualy religious theocracy is of no matter. What is reality, after all, when compared to the fantasy universe of their feelings, where Bush=Hitler and the U.S. is imminently going to have a christian theocracy imposed upon it! What does it matter that a few gays are strung up and hung by the neck until dead, when we are dealing with such important "progressive" ideas that are hallmarks of Iranian justice system. It is even possible for such moral degenerates to convince themselves that there is more oppression of women, children and gays right here in the U.S.! The idea that these wonderful, advanced and civilized people, who rape women daring to go out without the proper clothing, are more socially progressive than we neanderthals in the West is a concept that only the left is stupid enough to embrace.

Clearly, these giants of intellectual achievement are a few key snyapses short of a rational thought process.

Let me be perfectly clear here. The author is just a small sample of the type of people who have stolen the heart of the Democratic Party and whose fondest dream is to make America like Iran or Venezuela.
What post is she referring to? This one (in pink, to match the spirit of the post):
Iran has invested its oil wealth in universal education, healthcare, infrastructure bringing clean water and electricity to more than 98 percent of its people, and economic progress. Military spending is a paltry $91 per capita compared to more than $1,500 per capita in the United States and Israel. The social and economic achievements of the revolutionary regime in Iran in the past 25 years look quite progressive in reducing poverty and social inequalities, and as the society liberalises toward a more secular democratic regime, even better progress can be expected in the future. Compared to rising inequality in the United States and Israel, ranked numbers one and two for social inequality among developed nations, the Iranians look pretty damn good.
What about how women are treated? Didn't the Kos Kid read about the famous actress facing a public whipping, who has already lost her job, for having premarital sex? She will probably get prison time, too. But, whatever, that's actually a fact. Let's ignore those:
Now, the usual crowd can be expected to comment on women, gays and political dissidents as being targets for repression in Iran. Without minimising the issues, I'm not convinced that the case isn't overstated and that the repression isn't outweighed by wider social advances. Women and children rarely suffer the isolation, poverty and violence in Iran that so many suffer from family breakdown in America. Women in Iran are now universally educated, taking 65 percent of university places, marrying later, having fewer children, and driving social change. Even Iran has a vibrant gay subculture. The United States imprisons a higher proportion of its population than Iran (or any other nation) does, and that proportion continues to rise despite falling crime rates.
Wait a minute.... Could the lower imprisonment rate in Iran be because they hang gays? they kill murderers? they cut off limbs of thiefs? Nah..... Dr. Santy concludes:

In the upside-down world of Kos we come closest to a realization of the Orwellian nightmare where the sick theocracy of Iran is venerated as a "progressive paradise". And the fondest dream of today's left is to impose that paradise nightmare here.

This mindset represents the new leaders of Congress. It is insanity. It is suicidal. It is delusional. The Left really believes the West has nothing to fear from Iran or any other country dominated by radical Islam and never mind their commie friends. Terrified yet?


Anonymous said...

It is unfortunate that Dr. Sanity feels the need to be so disingenuous.

Have you read the entire article? It is an explanation of why going to war with Iran would be done for the wrong reasons, and would be bad for Americans. No reasonable person could read that article and conclude that "the left" loves Iran and/or wants America to be like Iran. Dr. Sanity's hysterics are a complete non sequitur, and serve no purpose other than hatemongering.

Please, you're better than this.

Dr. Melissa said...


No, I'm worse than this. This debate isn't only over whether or not the U.S. should bomb Iran's nuclear facilities, it's about deciding which culture is worthy of saving. The Left looks to Iran (including Bill Clinton who praised Iran's state) and sees a government that they'd like to emulate while conveniently ignoring the facts. Just this week a major actress in Iran lost her job, will be flogged and jailed because she had premarital sex. The Left will look the other way at this behavior while decrying the sexism in America. Are you kidding me? It's insane. And Dr. Sanity is shining the harsh light of truth on this rhetoric.

I know, it's hard to believe that the Left truly believes this, but they do.

Anonymous said...

I know, it's hard to believe that the Left truly believes this, but they do.

I'm sorry to be so blunt, but you are either disingenuous or deluded. "The left" believes no such thing.

Anonymous said...

Looks like it's time to start growing your beard the proper length and reverently memorizing/reciting the Koran.

P.S. Did you know Iran is also very concerned about fighting Global Warming (TM)?

Dr. Melissa said...


Then please, tell me, what is the Left's perspective on Iran. Keep in mind that traces of enriched plutonium were found by a "surprised" IAEA recently (out today in papers). They almost have the nuclear bomb and they have promised to use it. Their leader believes he will be the catalyst to start the "end days" and is working to groom an Osama replacement. Oh, in addition, Iran has re-armed Hizbollah under the noses of the French and Germans, who sit impotently by and watch. Hizbollah intends to blast Israel again.

Again, in light of this enlightened civilization's actions, what is your solution?

Anonymous said...

Anon, much of Europe thinks the same thing. Hatemongering and fearmongering seems to be much of what is behind some of the written books and material. We need answers not more confusion.

kman said...

Anon : We need answers not more confusion.

I absolutely agree. How should the US answer a country with Nuclear ambitions plus the demonstrated will and desire to use them against Israel and the US?

Anyone who wants to kill us is our enemy and is worthy of death. If they have no means to harm us then we can afford to let them live and work to convince them they shouldn't try to kill us. If they are a danger then they must be stopped by whatever means necessary.

The confusion comes from not believing someone when they say they want you and your way of life dead.