Friday, November 03, 2006

"I escaped from a violent husband"

After being repeatedly tuned up, a battered wife finally "leaves" her husband after he decides to "take a break" from her. The typical scenario:

She suffered a punctured lung and a cracked rib —but later, bizarrely, claimed her injuries were a result of falling out of bed during an energetic love-making session.

Chapman was never charged. Former Hot Gossip dancer Debbie found out what had happened when she saw the headlines of the next day's papers on a garage forecourt.

Do you think the man should be charged no matter what the woman says? If a woman has kids, I say absolutely. Frankly, I think she should be charged for child-endangerment, too.


Anonymous said...

You're right, it is the typical scenario. I guess we all tend to make excuses for those in our lives. But I draw the line when a person physically attacks another human being. How much lower can one stoop to. I was physically attacked and beat by a father but more so by a step mother who was much larger in size then I was. I never once made excuses for her. She was simply wrong!!! Since I was not in a situation to escape at that time, I had to deal with it. But once the moment came to get away from her, I NEVER looked back.

Christy're said...

Yes, crimes are often prosecuted not only for that crime but to deter from future crimes, and it sounds like this guy is just going to beat another woman next.