Monday, November 27, 2006

TV is Dead

Over at Techcrunch, TV has been declared dead:

The key tipping point will be when a startup is able to distribute proper television content over the Internet legally. People will begin to abandon their cable tv subscriptions in favor of Internet distribution. MobiTV is in the best current position to do this - they have a ton of cash and are only a few deals away from being able to offer the equivalent of a cable television subscription over the Internet. And The Venice Project may also win. iTunes will continue to pursue their pay per show model, and that will also take market share.
I agree. Here's why: About five years ago, we gave up TV. Recently, we got it back with the flat-screen craze. What have we done? We have watched movies and certain sporting events. Otherwise, forget it! The news I get online is better, more complete, less biased, and more varied. Plus, I can read it when I want to. TV, unless I pay an insane amount of money for cable and TiVo, must be watched at certain times--for content I pay for handsomely. What? I don't think so.

If I'm going to pay, it's going to be my way. For example, I really enjoy Battle Star Galactica (nerd alert), but don't want to waste time with commercials and story-line disruption. I buy the season at the end and watch it in order, on my time.

For extra perks and if the technology was easier, I'd download it, too. TV is dead--especially as younger people grow up relying on media content they master.

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Anonymous said...

Yea, People also like to watch their TV shows on 52 inch sets in High Def. So far YouTube can't do that. And with PVRs & video on demand people can pretty much watch what they want when they want and in High Def.