Friday, November 17, 2006

Understanding the Enemy

MaxedOutMama's fears about the Democrats notions of "the enemy" (I saw this early in the week and somehow didn't link it):

Nonetheless, it is this type of sentiment which is the driving force behind Pelosi's contingent. I think David of Photon Courier accurately summarized my worries:
...what scares me most about the Democratic victory is that the leadership of this party does not seem to understand that the threats we face are existential in nature--that devastating harm to this country, and to civilization itself, are well within the realm of possibility--and still less does the Democratic leadership understand the nature of those who oppose us.
He's right - they really don't. They are self-referential; they assume that everyone shares their worldview, and they believe that somehow the US is not threatened. Nancy Pelosi has been consistently against any realistic effort to bolster our internal energy sources, consistently against fighting terrorism abroad, and consistently against any real efforts to increase internal security. It's an amazing record.


David said...

I think there are two different groups we need to be concerned about within the "progressive" population. The majority are those who are naive, who just can't grasp that the terrorists and the Iranian and Korean regimes really are as bad as they appear to be. But I think there is also a substantial minority who are actually *attracted* by violence. Why is the Palestinian cause more popular among academics than dozens of other causes throughout the world? I suspect that it's *because of*, rather than in spite of, the nihilistic violence sponsored by the Palestinian leadership.

Dr. Melissa said...


Academics are totalitarians, are they not? There are few places outside of academia (being a Pastor comes to mind--and most of them must answer to a board) where someone has so much control.

Of course, these utopians rule their world in an absolutist way. Since there is so much group think in Academia they all believe that government should reflect their omniscience.

I've stumbled across more than a few sadistic despots in my academic career. I shudder to imagine one of them with an army at his or her bidding.

MaxedOutMama said...

The attraction to violence that David writes of is a very adolescent characteristic; I wish "progressives" had been able to retain the optimism of youth leavened with the compassion of maturity. Instead, we are getting the compassion of youth leavened with the pessimism of the older, existentially depressed person.

Dr. Melissa said...


That's a brilliant observation. Do you think it is pessimism or cynicism?

Do you think also that many of the Academics lack a family life that can help connect a person to reality?

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