Friday, November 10, 2006

Why I'm Depressed

Illegal immigration will never be dealt with in a serious way.

American public servants must fear an international hate crowd intent on prosecuting them for hate crimes.

Some (I'm hoping it's just some) of our youth have zero respect or love for the country that gives them so much.

And all this on the heels of Veteran's Day. And I can't help but wondering how Iraq Vets feel seeing the Democrats so eagerly wanting to destroy their work.

Do Americans remember the cost of freedom?

Or will counting Jews and decrying the "influence of Israel" be the order of the new day? And why the hell did 87% of Jews vote Democrat again?


Anonymous said...

Have you ever considered running for some political office? If you are this passionate about such matters then we need folks like you in there.

Christy're said...

I second what anonymous said. I'd campaign for you.

Dr. Melissa said...

Ha! Have you seen many women with a nursing toddler campaign? It just doesn't happen much.

My contribution to society (at this point) is having more than the replacement level of kids so we can all retire in the manner we're accostomed to. Well, at least I'll be surrounded by loved ones for a good long time. Not so sure about the tax thing.