Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Betsy: "Vote Like A Chicagoan"

Too funny! And remarkably good advice, too. Betsy is the bomb and you should be voting for her:

I'm bumping this post to the top of the page, because I'm vulgar enough to so crassly solicit your votes. Remember that you can vote once every 24 hours. So, vote like a Chicagoan - early and often.

I'm very honored to have been nominated for a Weblogs Award in the top 251-500 category. There are some worthy competitors in that category that I enjoy reading such as Sister Toldjah, Confederate Yankee, and Flopping Aces. There are some others there that I'm not familiar with but will have to check out.
And, of course, I really, really want to win! Why? I dunno, because I just like winning. My thought has always been, if you're running, might as well win. It's more fun, too. Second place just stinks. Third place is worst. I mean, what will I put up on my blog? If the winner disqualifies her or himself by having long-lost naked pictures turn up in Playboy, I get to wear the crown? That would count as a bonus on the blogosphere.

So, vote like a Chicagoan for me right here. Hugs to all you loyal, kind people who are voting daily. Thanks, mom.

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