Friday, December 22, 2006

Donald Sensing: Why I love Global Warming

Donald opines:

It’s one week before Christmas. I went shopping today wearing shorts and a pullover shirt. Temps were in the 68-70 range, maybe even a little more. It’s been like that since the middle of last week or so. I shot a trap meet Saturday in my shirtsleeves. The range runs along the Harpeth river in Nashville and there were actually pleasure boaters on the water, cutting water donuts with the boat’s top down.

I am presently watching Monday Night Football on my notebook computer with Slingbox whilst sitting on my patio in my shirtsleeves, enjoying a Don Tomas while I view and type.

“Act now to stop global warming!” Naaaah, I think not!

Well, I'll tell you why I might hate it: If global warming really happens, it might get too hot down here in Texas and I might have to move back to either 1) The Peoples Republic of Michigan or 2) The People's Republic of New York. Neither option sounds appealing.

Let's hope the whole toasty thing holds off for a generation. My children can feel free to move anywhere after my old bones are buried.

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