Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Dr. Helen: "The Scarlett R"

Wow, the second link in as many days. Dr. Helen has some important points.

Are you ashamed to say you're a Republican in mixed company for fear you'll be ridiculed and diminished as a dimwitted rube?

Do Republicans not play tough enough because we're on defense? Tom DeLay says to fight. Dr. Helen thinks maybe Republicans play, too nice and act embarrassed to be who they are, and Ann Althouse a point.

I've alluded to this problem here. The Democrats, of course, think that Republicans are, what's the word? Oh, I remember: Thuglicans. Yes, elevating the debate and all that.

I say that we start using strings of vulgar expletives on their websites. I say we start slashing tires. I say we start torching election offices. I say we start throwing tomatoes at speakers who express thoughts we disagree with. I say we start spitting on icons of the left--Jimmy Carter would be a good place to start. Wait, that might get you in trouble with the secret service. OK, how about Cindy Sheehan or Michael Moore? I say we start stealing private files ala Schumer and publish those. I say we start limiting the public debate and excluding thinkers who don't believe the CW dogma. I say we start running non-stop coverage of gay Democrats caught actually sodomizing pages--and there must be pictures. Lots and lots of pictures.

The problem with all of this and it continues to be the problem even with the Blogosphere heavy weights illuminating the Leftist "atrocities" (just getting in the mood, by using hyperbolic rhetoric) is that the press ignores the Left's nefarious actions because they tacitly approve of it. Look at the Mark Foley scandal.

And the one thing this last election proved is that the blogosphere is mainly preaching to the choir, both Left and Right. The average person believes what they see on the MSM when they bother watching it. Otherwise, they follow their "feelings" and vote for whomever seems nice. Now this is tricky. Because the nastiest people say the nastiest things. Michael Steele in Maryland tried to elevate the debate. A fat lot that did for him. "Nice" means labeling the opposition as heartless scum and you're just the nice person to save them. See how that works?

As usual the above tactic means elevating words and ignoring actions. There is also the idea that people like seeing competitors who want it that bad. The truly "nice" guys are perceived as

So, no more Mr. Nice Guy, Republicans? I can hear the Democrats laughing now. They already believe that Republicans are mean, thuggish, heartless, cold people. Since the facts confuse them, maybe we should fight fire with fire.

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