Friday, December 08, 2006

Foleygate: The Democrats New All Along, Duh!

Gateway Pundit delivers the dirt that EVERYONE new at the time, but couldn't prove for sure (or the press wouldn't run it anyway).

Now it is official...
Foleygate was planned.

The Blotter reports:

The House Ethics Committee Report includes new information that top Democrats were also aware in 2005 of Mark Foley's inappropriate e-mails to congressional pages at about the same time as outgoing Speaker Dennis Hastert's office was informed.

While the report is critical of Hastert and his staff for not taking sufficient action, nowhere is there any evidence that the Democrats followed up.
Of course, many of us knew this already.
We also figured the media would not report this until after the midterm election.
We were right.

The media continues the spin.

AllahPundit has more.
The Democrats are truly despicable creatures. Do they even have a collective conscience? Or are they willing to do ANYTHING for political gain. And to think I believed they actually cared for the children.

That was rhetorical.


Rob said...

Republican pederast, Republicans knew about a pederast in their midst, but it's the Democrats who are despicable and who don't care about the kids? Right, okay.

Dr. Melissa said...

I realize that the Republicans knew about this, too. But the Democrat's hew and cry was "all about the childrens". Puhleeze. If that had been the case, THEY would have outted Foley (the "pederast" as you say) that very instant.

Instead, they waited for a politically oportune moment. How very Machiavellian of them. Meanwhile they have members in their midst who don't just send tawdry emails they actually screw interns.

You'll notice that rather than sticking around, Foley knew the outcome of his naughty behavior. Had he been a Democrat he'd have been portrayed as a victim.