Sunday, December 10, 2006

Glenn Reynolds the Great Leviathan

You know when you're a little toad in huge ocean and someone notices that you exist and wants to reward your tireless, if relatively inconsequential work, you get exited about it. So, yeah, being nominated for the first time ever for a Blog award is a sort of validation.

But, if you're Glenn Reynolds and you're the Great Whale of the blogosphere, these silly little contests mean nothing. You're above the fray. Or in this sad analogy, so deep into the real issues, that awards are frivolous.

That's OK. I get it. Since you're too busy with important stuff to shill for yourself, Glenn, can you at least shill for me?

Just click here and vote every day on every computer in your tech den. I'd like to be a contest winner since my winning status isn't presumed quite yet!

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chaika said...

I voted for you this morning. Good luck.

Dr. Melissa said...

Thank you!! I appreciate it. My chances are slim, but you never know!