Thursday, December 21, 2006

Internet Anonymity

You may have noticed that I have discontinued taking anonymous comments. For those trying to protect their identity for legitimate reasons, this will be disappointing. My reason for the change is to filter out the one person (she knows who she is) who is attempting to harass and intimidate me and others at the site. Please be warned crazy Anonymous, your posts will be copied and given to the authorities. So STOP.

Internet newbies should know that someone who has a blog can track each visit. I know the city, state, ISP address, browser and even the kind of operating system each visitor uses. Every website owner is privy to this information of every visitor if he or she or it (the corporation) so chooses to track and look at it. Likewise, my information is also shared wherever I go on the web.

There is no such thing as being anonymous on the Web. The internet is designed to connect and that is exactly what it does. And it does it very well. Keep that in mind when commenting everywhere. This Internets thingy has a long, long memory.

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