Sunday, December 03, 2006

NYT: She Sings! She Acts! She Prays!

Kristin Chenoweth made a huge impression as the ditzy girlfriend, Lily St. Regis, in the Disney version of Annie. She was absolutely fantastic. I can still hear her screeching, "But I ain't the motherin' type!"

Who knew that she's a Christian, that bird so rare in New York City that it must be profiled in the Times? Well, she is and she's peeved gays and Christians alike. She dares to be pro-Jesus and pro-Gay Marriage at the same time. It's like she's a Freak Show exhibit in the otherwise "normal", sophisticated and gay Broadway Circus.

Am I overly sensitive? Or does it feel like the New York Times is like racist Grandma at the dinner table, "We know this really great singer and dancer and actress but she's" (pause for effect, loud conspiratorial whisper) "CHRISTIAN." [The table collectively gasps, scandalized.] Andrew Sullivan thinks Christianists are the new threat to humanity. Well, I think Christianism is the new, politically correct discrimination. Of course, antisemitism never goes out of style.

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