Thursday, December 14, 2006

Oh Mama, I Love Obama

Betsy talks about the crush everyone has on Barack (Hussein) Obama here and here. I get it, he appeals to everyone mostly because no one knows anything about him. He's the cute new kid: girls dig him, guys want to be him. Betsy says:

Great, voters like the candidate they know the least about. Once they find out more about a candidate, he starts looking like all the other politicians we've learned to dislike. This goes with George Will's recommendation that Obama run now before people get used to him and are no longer infatuated.

Of course, that would mean that the media would have to actually examine Obama's positions and past votes instead of just writing articles about how popular he is. Can they keep up just writing worshipful articles without any real substance for almost two years? Sure, they can. But, history shows that the media eventually gets over their infatuation and then starts turning on the object of their affections. Will Obama's race, go looks and soothing bromides be enough to keep the media and electorate in a full swoon through November, 2008?
I don't know, Betsy, the media has yet to lose their lust for Hillary and it's been years of her manipulating and toying with them like a hungry cat who owns a pet mouse that will eventually be dinner. They don't mind being eaten--as long as it's by her. Wow, that sounds really bad. Actually, it's kind of apt. I've lost count of how many simultaneous O's the press and Hillary have had. You'd think they would all get exhausted. Gotta give 'em all credit for stamina.

The only problem for Obama is that eventually the press will divide their sweet ministrations. Obama and Hillary will duke it out for love and adulation. The press will either internally combust by denying the laws of physics and trying to get two stars to occupy the same space or they will choose one super, duper star.

Who will it be? Oh, who will it be? It's all so exciting!!!! I feel like I'm voting for Prom Queen, I mean King. I mean non-gender-specific really great human. The Anchoress thinks it will go like this:

And to those of you who say “she can’t win…”

Of COURSE she can win. She always could win. She wouldn’t be in the race if she didn’t know she can (or perhaps will) win.

We will now be treated to two years of a besotted press doing nothing but covering for her while demonizing the real or perceived “anti-Clintites” and tossing her softballs, spiking the stories that might hurt her, playing up what helps. You know, exactly the opposite of how they treat Bush! :-)

Honestly. I am surprised that anyone is surprised. And yes, yes, yes…she can win. Note all the Dems who have already decided they won’t be running…and it’s not even horse-heads-in-beds season, yet.

And don’t say “Barack Obama” to me. He’ll be allowed to be her veep.

I tend to agree with her. From a tactical perspective, I think Obama might be pulling a Dean and end up peaking too soon. The perfect Veep.

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Matthew said...

I think The Anchoress is wrong on this one. As long as the Republicans don't do something incredibly stupid while making their GOP choice for President, there is no way Hillary can win. There are way too many people that WILL NOT vote for her, and many more that do not want to vote for her.

The Dems are drinking the kool-aid again. Kerry only had a shot because he was running against W. If the GOP has the good sense to roll out a LEADER, preferably with an IQ somewhere north of 78 (Forrest Gump's score) and south of 120, they will have a winner, and a true "mandate."

By the way, Obama seems like a nice enough guy, but he can't help Hillary enough to get her back in the White House.