Thursday, December 07, 2006

Retired Justices Should Live Anonymous Lives

There is a certain mystery about the Supreme Court. The gorgeous architecture, the imposing inner-sanctum, just the idea that big thoughts are thunk there all day long. It's kind of a living fantasy of fairy-dust intelligence.

"They're smarter than us," we think. And that's a big relief, because most days we're hemming and hawing over whether to use spicy brown mustard or the old fashioned yellow stuff on our turkey sandwich for lunch.

And then, Sandra Day O'Connor, retired-but-still-public-figure, former Justice goes on Hardball with a guest-host (not even the super-salivating usual host) to answer questions about her participation in the Iraq Group and it's revelatory findings.

Her showing doesn't inspire much confidence. The clip is near the middle to end.

I guess I feel the same way about Clinton and Carter and to some extent Bush I. Presidents Ford and Reagan left gracefully and quietly. I wish all all of them would.

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