Sunday, December 10, 2006


I've avoided buying any sort of gaming console for my family, mostly because we're big enough couch spuds without the encouragement of mindless violence via video games. But, I have to admit, this new Wii interests me. It's interactive. The participants move.

Other women feel this way, too. Do you know someone who owns the Wii? This sounds good:

Keen gamer Teri Krueger has both the rival PlayStation and Xbox consoles at her Edinburgh home. The 18-year-old, who also has a vintage 1999 Gameboy Colour console, spends three hours a night on various games. Teri, from Edinburgh, went several rounds in the digital boxing ring and thought the Wii format might appeal even to those reared on stationary consoles. "It is more social and you don't sit there by yourself," she said.
Maybe the Wii is for me.


kman said...

The Wii rocks! I don't own one since I'm an ex junkie and can't be trusted around video games.... but my brother has one and it's really neat.

Dr. Melissa said...

Maybe this addiction is good because it's a work-out, too?

Just wonderin'.