Saturday, January 06, 2007

College Bowl Games Fiasco

Every year I watch the bowl games (and did before I was married, thank you very much) and every year it irritates the competitor in me that there is no one overall winner. In college hoops, your team may be bumped out earlier than you like (or, if you're a Syracuse fan, your team is always bumped in the first round after a winning season because you're in a lame-ass division unless you have Carmelo Anthony coaching the team because Boeheim is a human dead tree and can only take credit for recruiting the most talented thugs America produces, but I digress), anyway, your team might get bumped, but at the end of the whole College hoops thing you have a clear winning team. You might not like it, but tough nuts.

Not so in college football where greed and avarice and anything but competitive spirit reigns supreme. Still nursing my wounds from the Michigan trouncing, I haven't linked to Brendan Loy (the IrishTrojan). I just couldn't bring myself to witness his jubilation. While I rooted for Notre Dame, too, it gives me some small pleasure that he's at least felt a smidgen of my pain while watching LSU abuse Notre Dame last week. It's sadistic and wrong, I know.

All this is to get to his enlightening post on the College Bowl system. He too, hates the current iteration. This controversy wages every year and every year a "solution" more enrages fans. How can it not bother players? No one is ever "the best" and isn't that what sports is all about?

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