Thursday, January 11, 2007

Duke Rape: Defense Motion Today Reveals Frame by Nifong

Unbelievable! Not really, to those who have sense and a sense of justice, but amazing facts, nonetheless.

KC Johnson analyzes it piece by piece. It's all interesting. A tidbit:

Suddenly, after more than 250 days of not speaking to the accuser about the facts of the case, he dispatched his chief “investigator,” Linwood Wilson (who in his spare time “believes that his ministry through gospel music is where God wants him to be and has been blessed for the past 38 years of seeing many souls won to Christ as a result of this ministry”) to interrogate the accuser.

The accuser—coincidentally, of course—produced a story that suggested the DNA evidence wasn’t so important after all, and maybe a sexual assault, and not a rape, had occurred. As the defense motion reveals, her story also seemed stitched together to patch up other holes exposed by defense motions of December 13 and 14.

The lesson: if you’re going to frame innocent suspects, at least read your whole case file before doing so. For in their actions, Nifong and Wilson only seemed to be pleading for the Department of Justice to intervene.
Will they intervene? I hope so. This so needs to be over. I'd like to add this: the longer the judge entertains the nonsense, the more stupid North Carolina's judicial system looks. When there is no there, there, looking for it is crazy.

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