Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Duke Rape: The Real Losers

Beyond the three young accused, there is a whole community of losers in this thing. Thomas Sowell spells it out:

The biggest losers from getting sucked into these frauds are blacks, especially young blacks who go off on an emotional tangent that leads nowhere, at a time when there are so many opportunities in other directions, if they will direct their time and efforts in those directions through education and other serious interests.

The current self-destructive misdirection of energies in black ghettoes cannot be explained by a "legacy of slavery" or "racism." For one thing, this level of self-destruction in black communities did not exist half a century ago, when racism was worse and the black population was generations closer to the era of slavery.

What the two self-destructive communities on opposite sides of the Atlantic have in common is hearing a steady diet of propaganda blaming all their problems on others, and depicting "society" as determined to keep them down, regardless of anything they might do to try to lift themselves up.

That same deadly message has produced the same tragic results among very different people. The Duke "rape" fraud is yet another sign that the time is long overdue for all of us to start thinking.

Being a perpetual victim is the most helpless, hopeless position. If it is someone else's fault, how are you able to respond? Black leaders (and feminists) and the Left in general keep their own constituencies externalizing blame and waiting for a savior, when the answer is within.

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