Friday, January 19, 2007

Fellowship 9/11: Sauron & Saruman Are NOT In Cahoots

As most of you know, I'm a complete Tolkien nerd. I've watched more hours of The Lord of the Rings (the extended version, duh!) and read more Tolkien arcana than one person probably should. Anyway, John Hawkins has this parody up of Michael Moore (and really all moonbat war conspiracy theorists). Please watch the whole thing. It gets funnier as you go. 12 minutes.

Oh, my favorite bit is where the Orc families frolic around Mordor. Hilarious!

As an aside, I heard troubling news that Peter Jackson won't be doing The Hobbit after all. Ugh! What is wrong with the studio? What is wrong with New Line? I thought this business was about money, but it all sure sounds very personal. Yeesh!


kman said...

As a fellow Tolkien nerd this was soooo funny. It also saddens me to hear that Jackson won't be doing the Hobbit... also that Jackson had to sue New Line to get his "proper" share of the money. New Line made so much money from Jacksons dedication and faithfulness to the books it's ridiculous.

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