Thursday, January 18, 2007

Iraq and Iran: What's Happening Today

Gateway Pundit is a treasure trove of information as usual. I'm condensing his helpful information into one post:

Turkey and Iran amass troops on the Iraqi border. Let's hope Turkey doesn't ruin the economic stability that has made it possible for this to happen in the Kurdistan region.

Iraqi students are protesting the bombing (which killed mostly women) one day after the carnage is cleaned up. Oh, yes, those Iraqis aren't courageous and they're unwilling to fight their own war. And they're too stupid to have a successful Democracy. They're all just animals.

In a funny development in Iran, "Iranian Politicians Threaten to Wipe Ahmadinejad From Map". I'm still chuckling. Evidently the people aren't persuaded of Mr. Iran Good Hair's greatness with employment rates upwards of 30% and inflation holding steady at a robust 15-30%. Nice.

And, once again, Iranians have spotted UFOs. But I'll post about that separately in a minute to give it the weight it deserves.