Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Iraq: Michelle Malkin at the Front--UPDATE

UPDATED throughout:

The contrast between the MSM (here's the USA Today and the NYT's for contrast--updated) and HotAir's reporting couldn't be more stark. More is too come. Here is Michelle Malkin's report.

Advertisers need to pay her big bucks. Where are the Lockheed Martins and other defense contractors? Where are Baseball, Hotdogs, Apple Pie and Chevrolet? The independent reporters embody the American spirit. No sugar-coating, but good, solid, upfront reporting. Why can't Brian Williams or Katie Couric do this again? Michelle is a mother. Gee Whiz! Here is her video reporting.

And, Bryan who was over there with Michelle has this report from soldiers on How to Win. I hope the President and Congress reads it.

H/T Glenn Reynolds who says "Folks at CNN, et al., should be trembling." I'd say. He also pointed me to an interview with Laura Ingraham.

Added at 9:37 a.m.:

One point Michelle made is that the constant drumbeat of bad, bad, bad plays into the insurgents game plan. They know that if they can grab U.S. headlines long enough, Americans will weary and want it over--even if the military doesn't. I think the U.S. media knows this too. They either can't help themselves (being like toddlers drawn to fire and things that go boom) or promoting this skewed perspective serves their political agenda.

In this age of media, where are military can beat the pants off anyone else, the only way America loses is through information-warfare. And in this way, the terrorists are more savvy and receive lots of free, vapid press by the MSM.


Minor Ripper said...

I was hoping they'd let Michelle wander around the streets of Baghdad by herself a bit, you know--to get the 'real story' over there. Too bad.

Dr. Melissa said...

You know, Minor, while I have no praise for MSM reporters, I wish none of them ill. Every life lost is a tragedy--including reporters.

I marvel that you guys consider yourselves the compassionate, peaceful ones.

Anonymous said...

Doc, Concern & Compassion (TM) is the mark of a sociopath.

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