Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Mac Stuff

Just saw the new phone, Apple TV and Apple other stuff. Funny new ad about Vista. Microsoft is rolling around in fits, I'm guessing. Or not.

The iPhone is on Cingular. I just upped my contract with Sprint and have a Samsung phone that is adequate. I have an iPod. I dunno, the device does everything. Probably in two years, I'll buy the cheaper iPhone with all the bells and whistles that works on Sprint. Why? 'Cuz where I live I like Sprint service.

To me, the big news is that Apple is in a pissin' contest with other providers. Who will flinch first? There will be a lot of people wanting this phone with a different service provider. Sprint soldiered on without the Razr. Maybe it'll do the same without the iPhone.

What I REALLY need is a multi-function printer that has color faxing, scanning, etc. and works great with both Macs and PCs. Any suggestions? CNET recommends this, but their reviews have been suspect of late.

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