Thursday, January 25, 2007

Mike Nifong: Victim

KC Johnson explains the charges against Michael Nifong, Durhum District Attorney and former prosecutor of the baseless charges brought against three Duke students. The case is now being investigated by another attorney and hopefully will soon be dropped against the lacrosse players.

Nifong's malfeasance boggles the mind. Here's a brief sum-up (and I'm no lawyer, so these aren't necessary legal terms):

  1. Withheld exculpatory evidence
  2. Lied to the press and court and defense about the existence of said evidence
  3. Held numerous press conferences assuring criminal acts ruining reputations
  4. Did not interview the accused
  5. Did not interview the defendants
  6. Used this case to forward his re-election campaign
  7. Blackmailed a witness--arresting him (taxi driver) for past crimes for being a witness for the defense
  8. Ditto the other stripper
  9. Exploited racial, class and minority sentiments for his own ends
  10. He sticks by his conduct, defends the charges, and wishes to be a "tool for reconciliation" demonstrating that he is completely devoid of any morals.
How can anyone trust any case this man has ever tried? If he is not disbarred, or better yet, jailed, who will believe North Carolina can find justice? There is nothing worse than a corrupt judge, DA or police officer. They distort justice and destroy the faith of the community, never mind ruining lives.

And yet, some commenters over at KC Johnson feel sorry for the guy. Why?
All agree that Nifong is a bad guy who did bad things. But given that he almost certainly will be disbarred, will lose his source of future income, will fail to fully vest in his pension and will spend his entire life savings on legal fees (if not legal judgments), is it possible to feel some pity for this man?

I do.

Not everyone is as bright and as capable as many (most? almost all?) posters on DIW. He got in over his head - and got destroyed. He is most assuredly THE villian in the Duke Hoax Case, but is he not also a hapless, unfortunate victim of his own villainous?
So just to clarify, we should feel sorry for Nifong, even let him off the hook because he's:
  1. Stupid--"not....bright and capable"
  2. Full of hubris--"got in over his head"
  3. Inept--"hapless"
  4. Corrupt--"unfortunate"
This sort of thinking brings someone to feel sorry for Saddam Hussein's hanging. This sort of thinking is what our enemies laugh at.

Mercy without justice is lawlessness dressed in Sunday's best. What a load of self-righteous garbage.

Mike Nifong needs to be prosecuted precisely because he's so inept, corrupt and prideful. So convinced of his superiority or at least so convinced of the states corruptness that he would be allowed to continue his case unmolested, he needs to be on the receiving end of "justice" to understand justice. Some people learn no other way.

Mike Nifong had no love of justice, law, fairness or equity as he brought this Duke case, justice for him will be more than he deserves. False mercy mocks justice.

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