Friday, January 19, 2007

Most-Read Blogs in D.C.

Daily Kos made #1? This tells me one of two things:

  1. Either the Republicans haven't become Internet savvy and don't read blogs.
  2. The whole government is far more liberal than we'd like to admit and feels the Kos Kids reflect "America".
It could be both, I suppose. Do they find Kos entertaining? The fact that Wonkette (which I link to, by the way) makes #2 just proves that even political nerds have nerd celebrities.

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Anonymous said...

Also, Republicans tend to be (1) older, (2) busier, and (3) not nonprofit-savvy enough to carve out cushy niches for themselves where they can blog all day and get paid for it. And yeah, a lot of them are still struggling with the whole idea of blogs and seem to be in the dark about the role they played in Rathergate for example.

At least that seems to be the situation in my state.