Sunday, January 07, 2007

MSM Benefits & Jamil Hussein

Ah, to be an unbiased reporter in the Old Media. It's nice there. Very nice.

Makes me wonder: Do Shelter magazine editors get the best hotel rooms? Surely no. Do tech magazine editors get free tech? Surely no. Do Auto editors get free car gadgets and gizmos? Surely no. Do movie reviewers get free tickets or memorbalia? Surely no.

No, no, NO! Old Media reporters are pure as the precipitation blanketing the plain states. They seek truth and pursue it with unrelenting zeal.

Now, bloggers are a whole another story. When they aren't lying liars who lie (at least the ones on the right trying to "destroy AP's war reporting" and such), they are breaking ethical rules like taking payola from tech firms like Microsoft.

Old Media in contrast just makes up stories (NYT, NBC), doctors images (Reuters), rely repeatedly on uncorroborated sources (AP), rely on sources who don't exist or who are lying (AP, CBS), mischaracterize the whole argument to pull out a narrative-serving sound-bite (too many to list), fail to report news that might irritate big advertisers (all of them), and most of all, pretend to be unbiased when they have a clear agenda they are putting forward. This last one is the most important.

The lens that the Old Media look through colors every story, every perspective. The media votes 90% Democrat, surely this colors their perspectives just a teensy weensy bit? And when their bias produces egregious results, they dissemble and defend and deny--why, just like Democrats! (Rather than investigate themselves, they circle the wagons and then, in very professional fashion, call out their critics like a celebrity who's peeved at being caught pantiless. Yuck. Patterico takes on one such demonstration.) When Fox News is viewed as "conservative" that demonstrates how out-of-touch insulated it is to live and work in the Beltway.

I tire of the MSM and those who mindlessly defend them. Dan Collins, uber guest blogger for Jeff Goldstein takes on a defender.

On a positive note, maybe as more and more bloggers report, the rest of us can truly decide. (Bill Roggio, Michael Totten, Michelle Malkin, and too many to list)

For a nice Jamil Hussein round-up (the AP source that put forth curiously lop-sided news not to be found anywhere else, didn't exist for a while , now exists and denies what he's said, hit the Anchoress.

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