Sunday, January 14, 2007

Obama & Democrats Calling for "Phased Withdrawal"--UPDATE

UPDATE: The LA Times reports that Democrats feel free to defy Bush on Iraq. Their true colors are showing.

"Ours is now the mainstream position," said Rep. Lynn Woolsey (D-Petaluma), who two years ago saw her resolution calling for the withdrawal of U.S. forces from Iraq crushed on the House floor. Today, the congressional Out of Iraq Caucus co-founded by Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Los Angeles) has more than 80 members.

Congressional Democrats, suddenly united in their desire to pass resolutions against the escalation, still face challenges in deciding how far to go in what could become a historic showdown between two branches of government over the course of a war. And any move to cut funding may quickly reveal fissures in the Democratic caucus.
I do feel like this is Vietnam all over again. The Democrats are creating their reality. Will it work? Read below why they want this reality.


The Dems want a "phased withdrawal over the next four to six months". Here is the Democrat insanity clarified for you:

We want all troops out of Iraq within six months. We want gruesome bloodshed, ethnic cleansing, and Iran and Saudi Arabia drawn into a conflict of catastrophic proportions. We want thousands of people to die. We are OK with American soldiers dying. We want America to lose while Bush is President. We want oil to go to $100-200/gallon. We want the United States' economy to collapse.

These turns of events will perfectly set us, the noble Democrats, up for a win of epic proportions in 2008. Democrats will save the day. Democrats will be spared tough decisions. Democrats will be able to solve funner problems like Global Warming and minimum wage and raising taxes. We like tinkering. We're the party of tinkerers. We are not the party of big ideas or solutions. We aren't the party of caring for children--we are the children. And we'll be damned if some cowboy from Texas is going to make us grow up. No way!

Democrats have ceased to care about America. They care about themselves. Every single decision is based on the 2008 election. Barack Obama proved that today.

And these people expect to be taken seriously. They are craven, childish, deceptive, selfish cowards. Ace says that "Democrats are willing to trade lives for votes". And, this:


No blood for oil. Blood for political positioning, however, seems a fair exchange.