Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Stopping Up Stink Holes South & North of the Border

Captain Ed:

In a war on terrorism in which we have already suffered thousands of deaths from infiltrators into the US, one might think that border security might take a leading position among issues faced the federal government. However, the Los Angeles Times reports that sophisticated tunnels literally undermining our southern border still remain in use even after their discovery, thanks to half-hearted efforts to plug the holes created by smugglers:

Why are we even debating who should shut them and how tunnels should be shut from Mexico to the U.S.? Remember my rant over letting that corpulent little gnome al Sadr run around making mischief in Iraq? I feel the same way about the border.

Just shut it already!

This is not complicated. It will work. Israel is proof that a nice fence makes much nicer neighbors. Here is Dr. Melissa's two part plan:
  1. Shut the border.
  2. Increase legal immigration.
There. Simple.

When Mexico turns into Canada--a lovely, relatively corruption-free, happy place and people born there actually decide to stay there to make a living, the wall can come down. It doesn't have to be permanent.

If any leader of the U.S. wants to be taken seriously on terrorism, she/he/it must get serious about the border. I really feel that this has undermined Bush's Iraq stance--at least those who care about American security, anyway.