Wednesday, January 24, 2007

What to Read

Still sick. I might have to break down and go to the doctor. Doctors make the worst patients, goes the conventional wisdom. That's certainly been my experience.

There are plenty of things around the web you should be reading. In fact, I'll share my routine with you right now. (It's no big secret. I actually read all the blogs in my blog roll. That's one reason it's not too terribly long. But the blogs that are there are fantastic--great writing, great ideas. No slackers over there.)

My first stops are Instapundit and Drudge. They help me get the feel for the day. I've also added in RealClearPolitics and John Hawkin's new effort Conservative Grapevine. These last two blogs give me a feel for what people are saying about what is going one.

My next stop is Ace and Little Green Footballs. Charles at LGF got recognized by Forbes as one of the top influential bloggers but they put the wrong picture of him up--actually some dude from New Republic. The picture was procured from a Lefty blog. He's amused and says "how ironic". With all Charles' work into MSM missteps--he's the one who broke the Reuters photo foolishness and CBS Dan Rathergate scandal--you'd think Forbes would work especially hard to get his blurb right. Hilarious...or disturbing, depending on your point of view.

I then start going through my blog "friends". Mind you, I haven't met these people in person, I just consider them to be alike in philosophy and spirit.....and some I really consider friendly acquaintances. Gina Cobb and MaxedOutMama and The Anchoress are chief among these people. I've been blogging for a year and have asked precisely three people to add me to their blog roll. The Anchoress was the first person I asked. It took me a couple weeks to summon the courage. She is just so thoughtful and her writing beautiful. Like I told her, I felt like I was in High School again!

Betsy Newmark and Jeff Goldstein lumped into the same category? Um, not really. But I like them for a similar reason: They almost always agree with me. Yes, blogging is a narcissistic pursuit. With Betsy, I find that her blog posts most closely mirror mine --as to what she finds important and her societal takes. So, when I don't have time to write, I'll link to her--or when she just says what I think better than me, I link to her. That happens a lot.

Jeff? You can't put him in a category. The mold was broken after this bouncing little Joooo was born. Thankfully. He is the sugar and spice and the not-so-nice of the blogosphere and if you're not reading him every day (now that he's back to blogging after a brief hiatus), you're missing out. As a reformed leftist academic turned Mr. Mom writer and blogger, he easily eviscerates
leftist dogma and for the Left, his writing is like movement to a bull. They want to gore him to death and end up the loser. This often results in DoS attacks for Jeff and he's had more than one Leftist Loon cross the line and make the rhetorical personal. He is so funny and weird and wonderful.

Another writer cum blogger, James Lileks, writes so well, I feel like I should pay a subscription. But that's what's great about the blogosphere. Great writing. For free!!

I also read people who challenge me. Ann Althouse, Brendan Loy and Dr. Helen fall into this category. Brendan is my blog husband--a bit too mushy moderate for my tastes, much younger, and married, but what are a few differences among friends? He likes sports and Tolkien. He's sentimental and smart. And he's a weather nerd, so I defer to him in times of atmospheric distress.

Ann and Dr. Helen have.....quirky takes. I consider them to be unconventional sisters. It is clear to me that Glen Reynolds digs challenging, prickly pear women. I read them to consider tired topics from a different view. Another reason I love the blogosphere, is the diversity of thought and opinion.

Finally, I'll fill in the gaps with the rest of my blogroll. Dr. Sanity and Captain's Quarters always make the short list. Some of the other blogs on my blog roll are new additions, and I'm still working them into my routine. And I read the psych and mil bloggers at least a couple times a week, if I can't get to them daily.

And while the Duke Debacle rumbles along, I make sure and visit Liestoppers and KC Johnson to find out what's going on with them. What would this case be without bloggers? These people have made such a difference in a specific meaningful way. The public dialogue, once shaped only by empty talking heads, is being shaped by thoughtful, informed people.

Long live the blogosphere!