Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Wizbang: The Only Draft Blowing Is the One Blowing Through Rangel's Ears" UPDATED

Well, my dear bloggerly friend Gina Cobb rather convincingly smacks down a service requirement for all Americans. Go over and read why.


"Rangel is turning into a Johnny One-Note on the issue of the draft, and it's a sour one." Why Wizbang writer Jay Tea opposes the draft. Read the whole thing for a concise set of arguments.

Why not reinstate the draft? I am not opposed to a mandatory two-year public service requirement to be an American citizen. There could still be enlistees who get more extensive training and specialization. Meanwhile, those in the 2-year public service arena could learn American history, how to use weapons, common survival skills, and some might find that they like the military enough to enlist after their service.

Is there a way to have Americans serve their country without a draft?

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Andrew said...

Yes. Why not instate something more like what Germany has. They have 2 years (maybe only 1) of mandatory public service, but it's not necessarily in the military (does Germany even have a military?).

One of my friends drove ambulances for a year. Another did work at a soup kitchen.

They hated it at the time, but are now so glad that they had the opportunity.

A lot of good could come out of compulsory service, but only if it's done fairly and equitably.