Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Amanda Marcotte Summarily Dismissed--UPDATE

UPDATE: Amanda keeps her job! That's fxxx'n great!

UPDATE II: Jeff Goldstein gets to the heart of the matter: Edwards has castrated the Leftist Progressives including his new Blog Mistress and they 1) don't get it or 2) get it and don't care because this is all playing pretend anyway to get power any way possible. I vote for #2. Whether it is Edwards or Clinton or Obama, the Left will not question, not push and not exhibit any curiosity. They really don't care when it comes down to it, as long as they have power personally, professionally and politically.

Ideals? Ha! Those are for the effin' God-lovers. Idiots. The Left knows that their leaders are liars. They know that their leaders will do whatever they dang well please once in power and they don't care. Oh, they'll spit on Hillary's war support for a minute, but she knows and they know it will all pass as long as a vagina (an elected one) can take up residence in the oval office.
There is no stance, no perspective, even getting into office and supporting the effort in Iraq that the left won't embrace--as long as one of their own leads.

The rules are this: Leftist=Legitimate. Right is wrong. Always. This Marcotte demonstration just put those rules on display vividly. Like a dog to vomit....


She's the web master/mistress for the Edwards campaign and formerly and now again (?) for Pandagon.

You know, I wonder.....would my past posts make me a bad blogging candidate for a Presidential candidate? Besides my misspellings of Steven Seagal's name, and other foo poos, would the occasionally expletive, strongly voiced stance and generally contrariness be bad for any candidate?

It seems that what makes a good blogger (transparent opinions, clearly stated views) would make a bad election-team anything.

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