Monday, February 12, 2007


The weather reflects my mood today--gray and raining and mushy. I have a headache. We had The Meeting today at school. It was stressful for all concerned. The outcome isn't certain. As always, I'm hopeful.

Came home to Little Toot seeming feverish. An hour later he felt more so. An hour after that, I thought, "I better check him just to make sure." Holy cannoli! It's 103 degrees. Uh oh..... That cold has morphed. It is difficult for any of us to get completely well (none of us have been completely sick, either, just trudging through the days feeling not quite well--cold, sinus drainage, achy ears, sore throat--and the symptoms come and go). If it would just dry up and let the sun shine for a week, everyone would feel much better.

Speaking of global warming, I know, I wasn't, we received a letter from the operating company urging everyone to conserve water, the lake is five inches below normal and "we could run out of drinking water!". As if on cue, the heavens parted and haven't stopped since. A month later, we're nine inches over normal year-to-day rainfall.

I love God. He makes us humans seem so inconsequential sometimes and that's a good thing.


Anonymous said...

Just some loving thoughts coming your way hoping you and the rest of the gand will feel better soon!

Anonymous said...

I love God too. Too bad you seem to think he hates New Orleans.