Thursday, February 01, 2007


UPDATE: After seeing this, I think a jail term would actually be a good idea.

UPDATE II: To honor my readers who identify me as a "stupid freakin' moron", I'll include a link to the actual electronic device in question. It sheds more light on the subject. Enjoy.


The hubby and I disagree about the consequences of the bomb scare in Boston. He thinks he was a stupid prank and should be let go. I believe that when the whole city is brought to a stand-still, someone must take responsibility. That might mean jail. In this day and age, you can't do "pretend" bombs--even if that wasn't your intention.

What should happen to Turner Broadcasting for the Bomb Scare in Boston?
Nothing--It was a stupid mistake.
They should pay the city for the service workers.
They should pay, plus be charged a fine.
Someone should go to jail.
I don't know. free polls


Anonymous said...

I think I read on here once that you do life coaching. Some highly motivated and highly energetic person could use some help in that area. I referred you to them...but I was not sure if you still do this sort of work.

jess said...

I find that video completely hilarious.... is that twisted?

jack hoff said...

You're a freaking moron. Those who should be held responsible are city officials for perpetuating a bomb scare* that should never have gotten further than the identification of a light brite.

*Turner called the City of Boston but officials didn't believe them.

Anonymous said...

This actually looks like a bomb to you?

If so, you can look forward to a promising career in Boston's bomb squad!

I'd be laughing at you if this wasn't so, so sad.

M. Simon said...

Stupid Government officials?

That is a new one.

Dr. Melissa said...

Well, this "freaking moron" will put up the link and let the rest of the readers decide what they think.

It looks like a lite-bright dude flipping me off with wires and other stuff in the left corner that would cause me to pause.

Evidently "freaking moron" concerned citizens notified the government and they responded. You may have a point here. Would Muslim terrorists have a sense of humor and flip Americans the "fuck off" middle finger before blowing them up? Probably not.

They'd just blow them up. So you're right, it's really stupid for people to notify government officials that something doesn't look right and you're right, in this day and age, it's really, really moronic to worry that at unattended electronic device planted in public places like a bridge or building would be suspected as a bomb.

Stupid everyone except for the really smart, clever, marketing folks who exploited the publics' fears to promote a juvenile cartoon.

The only thing that gave me pleasure was watching two sets of the media make idiots of themselves at the same time.

kman said...

Placing devices like this in public is about as smart as getting on a plane with your Islamic buddies and intentionally acting suspicious so you can scare some infidels. I think they should not go to jail but someone in the chain... probably Turner... should be fined for lost productivity of the govt workers at the very least. (yeah I know... basing it on govt productivity would mean Turner gets paid). Anyway I think something like that is more appropriate than jail time for those actually hanging the devices.

Sure the devices don't look like bombs to me but it's electronics hung from bridges, buildings, etc. It's exactly the sort of thing citizens SHOULD be looking out for.

Dr. Melissa said...

Anon 4:24,

Still doing the coaching.

Anonymous said...

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